Wednesday, 9 February 2011

How did we do?

Pointless was a mixed experience. We spent the first day doing nothing as we were last to know if we’d get on the show or not. I shudder to think that I almost didn’t bring my knitting with me as the Hap blanket has become rather cumbersome of late and I didn’t want the extra baggage. Thankfully my common sense came back to me and so the 9 hours we spent sitting in the green room were well spent making some good progress on the border to the blanket.

On the second day at the BBC we did get on the show but we can’t tell you how far we got, so you’ll have to wait until it’s on TV to see if we won or not! I should know the exact date that the show will be on BBC2 nearer the time, so watch this space around March and see me and my sister in law do our best to get a Pointless trophy.

Oh, and the only on-set gossip I have is that Richard, the guy that sits behind the desk with all the answers, is ENORMOUS. He’s literally a giant, which is probably why they’ve sat him behind a desk.

In other news Flo received a very belated Christmas present from some lovely friends last weekend of a beautiful hand knit jumper. I just love the colour combination and I can’t get over how nicely the sewing up has been done! If only I had those skills. The jumper was bought from a local shop called Knock Down Ginger and was knitted by someone local. If that was you then I’d like to know your sewing up secrets please?!?

Note to self: child safe googly eyes for stuffed toys are not child safe! Wilbur the whale sadly had his eye bitten of this week and luckily I caught Florence before she could choke on it. He will now be a decorative whale on a high up shelf rather than a hands on kind of whale.

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