Monday, 14 February 2011

Greg Wallace, Now That's True Love

Happy Valentines day!
This year I haven't been sucked into the whole Valentines day present thing and so got the Mr a nice card and a kiss instead of a present. I didn't bank on getting a gift myself, so was totally blown away by a personalised Greg Wallace (of Masterchef and greengrocer fame) apron, which is perfect for my continuing baking adventures.

The Mr and I love to watch Masterchef and are so excited that it's starting up again on Wednesday this week. The best part of the show is when Greg comes out with his amazing one liners which you can read tons of on this amazing facebook page which is dedicated to them. My favourite one so far has to be "Give me a cup of tea and I'll finish it" which is now on my baking apron, spurring me on to bake treats that even Greg would be proud of. Although to be fair I think he would happily tuck into a flan that had fallen on the floor.

This weekend I went on a little road trip with my friend Dr Stitchlove to Portsmouth see our preggers friend Startitis. She's been knitting away for the arrival of her little one and I had to take a picture of this AMAZING creation. I just love the little squirrels around the yolk and the colours work so well with the design. This knit is made all the more amazing by the fact that the pattern was entirely in Dutch! Well done Startitis and thanks for the yummy cakes too.

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