Tuesday, 22 June 2010

KIP daily

A couple of years ago I created this pattern for Knit in Public day. I missed KIP day this year but for me every day is for knitting in public!

This is a really good summer project as there's not much knitting involved, you can have lots of fun with the design and it's really practical to take to the park while the weather is so nice.

The pattern is hosted on Cut Out and Keep which is a brilliant crafty website where people can share tutorials on how to make a plethora of crafty goods. Anything you can think of is on there from recycled jewellery to dress making. The tutorials are also a great place to gain inspiration and you can upload your version to the site once you're done.


See Sit Upon and 1000's of others - or share your own on Cut Out + Keep

1 comment:

  1. I made one of these and use it on a chair at home but it is ready to go when i need it for KIP days.
    Laura's one is nice and summery with the ice cream theme.