Sunday, 20 June 2010

Daddy's day

Happy first ever Fathers day to the Mr!
We celebrated with a trip to the cute park at the end of the road where Flo had her first go on the swings with Daddy.
Even managed to fit a few rows of knitting in today - go me! The Purl Alpaca's skirt is beginning to drag now, but the end is in sight. Only a few more repeats of the patten to go and then I can start on the waist band. Hopefully I'll have the strenth to stick with it and not revert to a new project, which is what I usually end up doing at this point.


  1. Knit to the end. Go girl go. Don't give up. x

  2. Just headed over here from your latest column. I also had a little girl in March and, after all the normal (and occasionally irrational!) fears you have during pregnancy, I know how very lucky I was to have a healthy little baby at the end of it. I count my blessings every day and I'm glad to see your little blessing is going from strength to strength. Enjoy every minute of your leave -she'll grow up so fast!