Friday, 28 May 2010

Sock it to me

Last year I became a member of the Socktopus Sock club where a gorgeous sock yarn, pattern and secret goodie were sent to me every few months. Me, being me, thought that I was going to be all over this and knock out a pair of socks with each package arrival easily. But me, being me, obviously did not and most of the fabulous sock packages are still sitting in my stash waiting to be started. I did manage two of the patterns; Heart and Sole and the Om Shanti Bed Socks.

Today I received a curious package in the post in the trade mark Socktopus silver postal pouch. My club membership has been over now for a few months so I wasn’t sure what this mysterious additional package could be. When I opened it up I found these cute little sock patches designed for you to show how many of the Socktopus patterns you have completed. How cute! I shall wear my two patches with pride.

At the moment I’m just catching a quick break from the hospital at a nearby WiFi restaurant. Flo is now out of the High dependency ward and we are now staying with her in her ordinary hospital cubical. It’s lovely to be a bit more like a parent and have to look after her properly rather than watching someone else do it for us. Today I got to give her a bath for the first time ever! She really enjoyed it, which I really wasn’t expecting. These are the things that keep me going as we continue to take things one day at a time.


  1. That really is fantastic news Laura. So glad to hear she is making progress. I think of you and little Flo often at the moment. :)