Monday, 17 May 2010

Mr Nick’s Knitting

It was my birthday yesterday and although it was sad not to be spending it at home I still managed to have a lovely day with family and a few presents.

By far the best present I received was from Florence. OK, so the Mr might have researched, found and bought on her behalf, but he said it was her idea. He told me that she wanted to get me something that we can both share and is reflective of what I love and she loves.

This turned out to be a beautiful children’s story book called Mr Nick’s Knitting by Margaret Wild and Dee Huxley. This book is so incredibly apt to our situation right now I almost can’t believe it. It is about Mr Nick, who enjoys to knit on the train to work with fellow passenger and friend Mrs Jolley. One day Mrs Jolley gets ill and has stay in hospital for a long time and so Mr Nick knits her a blanket to brighten her empty hospital room. So here are the parallels; I used to knit on the train to and from work every day, Florence unfortunately has been and will be hospital for a long time and I have knitted her lots of little blankets to brighten her cot and to show her how much I love her. It was very emotional to read for the first time, but I really truly love it. Granted the story is a little depressing as Mrs Jolley is still in hospital at the end of the book, but I admire a book which presents real life to children once in a while.

The book is beautifully illustrated and on the back it has a quote from Kaffe Fassett, internationally renowned textile artist and knitter. It says “A charmingly illustrated book. How refreshing to see use male knitters entering children’s folklore.” And indeed it is refreshing.

When I read this lovely book to Florence, all snuggled up under the blanket I have knit for her, it will mean so much to both of us and I’m sure will be a book we will keep reading for many years to come.

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  1. That sounds such a lovely present. Someone gave me a knitting novel the other day - it's about a woman who lives in the middle of nowhere who takes comfort in knitting and creating lovely textiles. I'll let you know what it's like. Great to hear Flo is getting stronger, sounds like she's made great strides, especially as she must be so tiny, tho' I guess it will be some time before she's up to full strength. Keep writing the blog - I shall look out for it! Take care, Melanie