Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Fly and Knit

Not a bad view to knit with, aye?

I'm currently in New York on a work trip, lucky, lucky me! Only for 2 nights but it's still making me smile from ear to ear. The snowy view from the plane was breath taking but I also got to watch a couple of movies on the plane and some TV shows too, which all mades for great knitting time. My new project is making good progress because of it.

Before I left yesterday I started doing that thing where I couldn't decide if I'd packed enough yarn or not. I've been on planes before where I've run out of yarn on the journey home and been really annoyed with myself but I've packed 3 balls and haven't even the finished the first yet so I think I'll be ok.

This is a pattern called Papillon by Svetlana Volkova. I think it's the first time I've paid for a one off pattern on Ravelry but it was exactly what I wanted to knit, so I'm hoping it will look good on me once finished.

Although I won't have much spare knitting time while I'm here I am planning on popping into the nearest yarn store to our office, Purl Soho. So hopefully more to report on that when I get back as well as the return journey to knit some more.

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