Saturday, 12 October 2013

Baby Blue

My friend Nina is most fabulous, she needs no help from me for that. However, when she couldn't find the perfect fitted, cropped, baby blue jumper she wanted and asked me to make her one, I agreed to help her to reach her next level of fabulousness. 

I really enjoyed knitting this; mostly as it was the project I took with me on holiday to Cornwall in August, where everything was extremely relaxing and suited to a knitting mood. The yarn is Rowan Soft Knit Cotton which was lovely to work with and easy to wash, which I feel is important when you're making something for someone else. You don't want an embarrassing felting issue, ruining the item and possibly your friendship.

The pattern was heavily modified from a basic top down jumper pattern to include a wide ribbed neckline, cuff and hem. I also created waist shaping front and back to keep it fitted to the waist. It was all a bit of an experiment but after some tinkering it came together and I was really pleased with the result. Nina also loves it, which is handy!

And so my blue period continues! I'm still working on the blue Fieldwork cardigan for myself, but the lace pattern on it hurts my brain from time to time so that's why these other projects creep in so easily. I also have a baby project on the needles which is actually in RASPBERRY PINK! It's crazy times when a change of yarn colour elicits that kind of a response, but perhaps the blue period is coming to an end?

I'm off to Ally Pally tomorrow for the Knitting and Stitching show. I'm super excited and have no idea what I'll buy, if anything, but I'll be sure to report back.

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  1. Hello Laura,
    I thought I might bump into you at ally pally, me with my trolley still filled to the brim with yarn. Your top looks wonderful
    Your daughter looks wonderful , they grow up so quickly.