Sunday, 9 June 2013

Still Knitting With Attitude

I visited the ethical and environmentally conscious knitting shop, Knit With Attitude, back in June 2011. Today, two years since my last visit, I went back to see owner Maya's new premises and of course check out her gorgeous yarns.

Arriving at the shop the overwhelming thing to mention is that it is in a much better location than before. The tiny wedge of a shop occupied previously was definitely cute, but difficult to track down and a bit too cosy for comfortable browsing. The new shop is right on Stoke Newington High Street and is perfectly sized with a wide aisle, great for buggies, and lots of light and space to consider your purchases.

The premises is split between Knit With Attitude (on the left) and Of Cabbages and Kings (on the right) which sells quirky and cute products all made in the UK by British based designers and makers. It is the collaboration between these two businesses that has made it possible for them to have this lovely new shop. It's tough for small independents out there right now, so coming together into one space makes so much sense. The products work really well together too; one of my friends came to browse yarn and came away with two gorgeous art prints from Of Cabbages and Kings instead!

Maya's yarn is conveniently sorted into yarn weights, ranging from Super Bulky on the left to Lace weight on the right. It makes narrowing down the yarn for your pattern really easy! You can see my handbag on the floor overflowing with yarn around the Aran and DK section. 

All of the yarns are still environmentally friendly and produced with ethical consciousness, so you're shopping guilt free here. There is a nice selection of books, a wall of needles and notions (including Knit Pro interchangeable tips), lovely kits from Purl Alpacas and some ready to wear hand knit garments too. 

I bought some secret yarn for a baby knit, which is hiding underneath the yarn you can see above. The blue you can see is Mirasol 100% Alpaca which is going to be something for ME! Because I don't have enough yarn. Obviously.

It was a bit of a 'Mum's day off' as two of my friends came with me. We all left the kids with the Mr's and indulged ourselves with yarn, then lunch and a spot of cake at a deli down the road. BLISS!

So if you're looking for a nice yarn shop experience and to sample the delights of trendy local Stoke Newington then why not drop in and say 'Hi' to Maya? But if you're never going to make it down there then the online shop has a sale on at the moment to tempt you instead.

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