Saturday, 13 November 2010

Quilt Update

Yay! I finished all of the blocks for my Christmas quilt!

This was largely thanks to my Mum who came round a few times to play with Flo while I sat at the machine. Aren't Mum's the best?

Now the challenge is to attempt to have the quilt finished by Christmas day. Who wants to take bets?


  1. So how many days are there until Christmas? If it's the 16th November today there can't be that many and just imagine how many people are like us trying to finish projects for the big day.
    It's an even bigger day in our house as my Darling Husband celebrates his birthday on Christmas day so we have double the presents and double the surprises, oh and double the number of projects to finish!!

  2. Hi Laura,

    At last ive learnt how to post a comment on the site. i really hope Florence continues to do well.

    Best wishes
    North Yorkshire