Thursday, 13 May 2010

Cleo says ‘Knit me’

Keeping me busy whilst at GOSH with Florence is this lovely Purl Alpaca’s skirt kit. I bought it at the I Knit weekender last year and then had gotten cold feet at such a big project and hidden it in my cavernous yarn cupboard. When I popped home recently to pick up some bits I decided that now was a good time for some hardcore knitting and this was the project.

The pattern is easy enough for me to plod along with on these long days but interesting enough not to make me brain dead. The cable and short rows are keeping me on my toes! The yarn is lovely and I’m knitting it on my faithful Denise interchangeable needles as they are just so fabulously flexible and portable; perfect for jamming into a bag when you’re in the middle of a row and need to get up and go.

The great thing about this project is that it’s a really versatile finished piece. It can be worn as a skirt, poncho or dress. I tried it on as a dress at the show when I bought it and thought it looked too cute to resist. Now I’m thinking that a poncho is what I need with this unexpected May chill we’re having now.
Purl Alpaca’s is a lovely company with some really great designs. All the kits are named after the Alpaca that provided the fibre for the beautiful yarn and this one’s name is Cleo. The other great thing about the kit is that it all came in a simple fabric bag which I am now using to cart all my crap about the hospital after my handbag got stolen the other week. Having everything together in a kit is perfect for me right now and I would certainly recommend you check out their latest collection on their website:

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