Thursday, 3 January 2013

You Mug!

As a last minute handmade gift this year I whipped up some simple crochet mug cosies for some needy people. By needy what I mean is that their hot beverage of choice is often in danger of becoming cold. HEAVENS FORBID! So I wanted to be their own personal hero and save their drinks from this evil.

I made one each for my two Sisters in law who have both recently had babies. Double Nephew whammy! Entering into parenthood they are not fully aware of the half finished cold cups of tea and coffee that await them, so I swooped in with the mug cosies and BAM, problem solved. One of the cosies (which is not in the above photo) was made with the same yarn I used to make my Nephew's squishy cardigan so when he wears his cardi and she has a hot drink they'll match! That's not odd right?

The other two were for my lovely friend Shan and her husband Marc who bought their first home together last year. Although it is a truly gorgeous house, it needs a lot, and I mean a lot of work done to it and so it can get a little chilly and even wet with all those leaks! So I thought some mug cosies were in order for them too. Nothing gets DIY done like a hot cup of tea.

The pattern was super simple and quick to make. The longest part of the process was choosing which fastening to sew on! You can find the free pattern by Marion Hassold on Ravelry here.

The photo above was taken in front of my well organised but now bulging collection of Knitting Magazine issues that my monthly column Purl About Town appears in. It's crazy to think that I've been in the magazine for so long and that they have chucked me out yet! In fact I have now been around for such a long time that I appear in their 'Meet the Team' of contributors on their website. Thanks Knitting Magazine!

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